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Friday, March 10, 2017


Digital and marketing is intertwined in this digital decade. There is no time to rest in this digital decade when it

comes to digital marketing (Pozin, 2013). If you think that you can stay in step with the needs of both

businesses and consumers and keep up to date with digital marketing, you are just deluding yourself. In the age

of technology, the demand of electronic devices such as smartphone, tablet, laptop and so on is essential in daily

life. Since the usage of digital media by consumers is expanding, more organizations are using digital marketing

to reach their target markets (Smith, 2011). This research consists of the history, advantages and disadvantages

of digital marketing, the latest trends and issues of digital marketing in 2013 to provide a further understanding

of digital marketing to readers.

Keywords: digital marketing, technology, internet, social networks

1. Introduction

With the growth of the technology, there is an enormous evolution in every field which means the

occasion and blossom of the world of technology have finally come of age. It is an ever changing

world with the advancement of technology in almost every aspects of our life and we have already

witnessed the changes that technology brings to us in recent years. It is regularly evolving technologies,

and the way of people using them is transforming. For instance, the way people choose and purchase

the products and services ( Jones & Ryan, 2012). Nowadays, the demand and needs of electronic

devices are expectably quickly-growing. Most of the people cannot live without electronic devices such

as smart phone, which is much more popular in this decade, tablet, laptop, iPod, camera and so on.

Since the demand of electronic devices are expanding, it gives us all a significant clue as to the trend

for future electronic products and what is to be expected in the world of digital marketing. In the digital

age, digital marketers must change their aim from grabbing attention to holding attention to meet the

new challenges (Satell, 2013). Many marketers realized the potentials and benefits of using the

electronic devices and digital marketing was born. Marketers are getting smarter, technology is

improving and marketers should figure out how to use data for how we interact and communicate with

customers (Debaise, 2013). There are even bigger growth on email marketing with the increase of

social media, content marketing and mobile usage as more companies adopt digital marketing (Savitz,


2. History of Digital Marketing

Since the dawn of the internet, the connection of people is rapidly and easily getting connected. In

1990s, internet was used as a method for people to interact and communicate, a tool for people to

search for information, an opportunity for business to do e-commerce and so on (Kenimer, 2012).

Although it is an integral part of our daily lives now, it takes over 20 years to grow and gain its fame of

part of the human essential needs. It had a tough beginning from the Web 1.0, which is the beginning

of the digital age to the Web 2.0 which has its reputation as the highway of information. The

conveniences of internet are uncountable and lead to the beginning of digital marketing. Digital

marketing is defined as promoting products or brands through one or more forms of various digital

channels (Digital Marketing, n.d.), which means organization can send latest news and updates,

promotion of its products, birthday greetings, advertisement to their customers via email, SMS and so

on through digital devices. Internet Marketing is a crucial component in Digital Marketing for


In the early 2000s, there were some networks and platforms such as WordPress, Linkedln and so on

were developed. In 2004, the most famous social networking service - Facebook was launched and

other social media such as Flickr, Skype, Twitter and so on began to thrive after that. In 2004, there

were about $2.69 billion earned from internet advertising and it was only in America. In 2005, there are

more than 3 billion hours of YouTube's video are watched monthly. In 2007, the product of Apple -

iPhone changed everything. While the Web 2.0 is still extending and encountering changes, digital

marketing has made the next step into mobile marketing. In 2010, just only mobile advertising had

brought in approximately $650 million somewhere (A History of Digital Marketing, n.d.). Therefore,

more intelligent marketers aim it to generate sales and customer loyalty (Edelman, 2010). They have to

understand and newly defined customers and market.

Les Vibez

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